DO I.T. Digital Skills Toolkit

Its objective is to facilitate the development of a comprehensive digital skills strategy in partner countries and to fully exploit the development of digital communication activities.

The toolkit includes project results to maximize impact. It also describes an accessible digital approach for disseminating project information and overcoming widespread obstacles to digital skills for promoting digital skills for young people and acquiring digital skills, reducing gaps in digital skills and improving innovation and application of technology in this context.

The toolkit is divided into 12 chapters:

-Chapter 1 provides a checklist for the development of a national digital skills training program that the following chapters will explore in more detail; 

-Chapter 2 provides an overview of digital skills;

 -Chapter 3 concerns a series of stakeholder engagement models that can be used to develop a digital skills strategy, recognizing that digital skills are needed in all sectors; 

-Chapter 4 provides guidance on creating an inventory of existing policies and programs. The next six chapters guide the reader through specific strategies designed to develop digital skills.

-Chapter 5 deals with basic and intermediate skills; 

-Chapter 6 deals with advanced skills; 

-Chapter 7 addresses strategies for under-represented groups;

 -Chapter 8 examines campaigns as an effective awareness-raising strategy; 

-Chapter 9 highlights the opportunities deriving from the use of existing online training resources; 

-Chapter 10 offers various options for assessing the progress of digital skills programs; 

-Chapter 11 offers examples of roadmaps for digital skills; 

-Chapter 12 examines future developments and emerging trends.

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