DO I.T. Manual

DO I.T. Manual

The first Output – DO I.T. Manual – will be realized in two steps.

  1. The first step (M3-M8) is the part of research that is functional to the creation of the manual, research to investigate the effects on the identity and communication change of young people who are formed, express themselves, and relate above all within the new media.
  2. The second step (M19-M21) will conclude the research implementing it with the results deriving from the territorial meetings carried out in the previous months and with the first results derived from the implementation of O2.

Output 1 of the DO I.T project aims at creating a manual defining the methodological guidelines that improve youth participation in social life and how the use of technology influences and changes it.

The manual aims to:

  1. Identify the most innovative methods that favour social inclusion through the development of technological and digital skills.
  2. Identify digital tools that reduce the generation gap in relation to ICT and promote the development of digital skills and knowledge.

Elements of innovation in the manual are:

  1. Comparative analysis of methodological approaches and tools coming from formal (digital education) and non-formal education in different European countries (Italy, Greece, Spain, and Latvia)
  2. Adaptation of the tools and approaches analyzed in relation to the objective of the project and the identified objectives (social and active inclusion through training activities, increased access, and participation of students from a disadvantaged background, development of transversal and basic skills, gender in relation to ICT).

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